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What is Backyard Ballistics?

It’s a new book by engineer William Gurstelle. Ordinary folks can construct 13 awesome ballistic devices in their garage or basement workshops using inexpensive household or hardware store materials and this step-by-step guide.

Clear instructions, diagrams, and photographs show how to build projects ranging from the simple match-powered rocket to the more complex scale model, table-top catapult to the offbeat tennis ball cannon. With a strong emphasis on safety, the book also gives tips on troubleshooting, explains the physics behind the projects, and profiles scientists and extraordinary experimenters such as Alfred Nobel, Robert Goddard, and Isaac Newton.

This book will be indispensable for the legions of backyard toy-rocket launchers and fireworks fanatics who wish every day was the fourth of July.

All information is presented without any guarantee of safety, usability, or appropriateness for any purpose. Use of the ideas and information in Backyard Ballistics and this website is strictly at the risk of the user.

Again, the materials and projects could be considered dangerous and all projects and information are presented strictly for informational purposes. Use solely at your own risk!

What people are saying:

"Elderbear" from El Segundo, CA / March 5, 2003

Things that go "Boom" in the Night! What a wonderful boys book—boys from 9 to 90 will get a bang out of these projects…Read more

Walter Reade from Appleton, WI / January 6, 2003

KaBOOM!!! This is a great resource book for pyromaniacs who want to expand their horizons…Read more

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