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Project Listing

Check this section for additional tips, hints, and instructions regarding the projects in Backyard Ballistics. Don’t own a copy of the book yet? Click here.

The Potato Cannon
PVC pipe with friction spark igniter that launches potatoes Medium Blast those spuds into the stratosphere!
NEW! The Sublimator The dry ice powered tee shirt cannon Medium So cool, it's cold!
Match Rocket
Ported aluminum film forms a rocket chamber on paper match
Simple, elegant, and makes a nice pfffft sound.
NEW! The EM Pipe Gun An electromagnetically powered projectile launcher Medium Like a railgun; only easier!
Pneumatic Missile
Custom-made stomp-rocket uses air bladder.
Jump, stomp and launch.
NEW! The Powder Keg Human breath powered flamethrower Medium Yup, it's a flamethrower, but safe as directed
Updated The Water Rocket
Pressurized soda bottle is propelled by water jet.
A teriffic rocket project; can go 60 feet up, trailing a jet of water.
The Cincinnati Fire Kite
Simple, but impressive hot-air powered airship made from specially folded newspaper.
Great project for cool outdoor evenings.
Roman-Style Catapult
Scale model of Roman onager-style catapult
Neat-looking wooden model that really works.
Updated Project
The Tennis Ball Mortar
Mortar assembled from potato chip cans.
Something that should be in every backyard boomer’s arsenal.
Improved The Dry Cleaner Bag Balloon
High flying, simple-to-make hot air balloon made from dry cleaner bag and pie tin.
An aerial jellyfish that hovers, soars, and floats.
Updated Project
Pnewton’s Petard
Chemical-free spud gun uses pressurized air for power.
Pressurized air powers potatoes great distances.
The Carbide Cannon
Big Bang style cannon powered by calcium carbide and water reaction
Hear the power. Loud!
The Flinger
Rubber tube powered slingshot
Aim, stretch, stretch, stretch and shoot.
Expanded! The Ballistic Pendulum
Accurate measuring device uses basic physics to measure an object’s speed.
Useful for measuring the speed of anything from baseballs to flying potatoes.

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